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Scheduling Trainings and Programs

Schedule a Program

To schedule programs, contact out department at (610) 692-1926 or via email at


We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but please keep in mind that our calendar often fills up quickly. The sooner you contact us, the better!

Please be aware that for certain sessions a DVD player will be required.

If there is a scheduling conflict regarding use of A/V equipment, or this equipment is not available at your facility, please notify us in advance so that we may change the program or the schedule.

Please do not plan to have more than one class in attendance per presentation.

Smaller class sizes (no more than 30 students) are more conducive of our lesson plans and discussions. We ask that you keep in mind the physical comfort of the students during the program by having appropriate space and seating available.

Please do not schedule more than 5 programs in the same day.

Due to the energy level and attentiveness required for these programs, it is difficult to maintain a high level of quality when more than five (5) programs per presenter are scheduled in the same day. We will be happy to return to the school for an additional day if necessary.

* We ask that there be a break for the presenters to have lunch.

* Please allow sufficient time for presenters to travel from one class to the next.

* Please support us in creating an opportunity for students to speak to the presenter after the program to discuss any personal questions or issues.


All programs include a basic overview of The Crime Victims' Center of Chester County, Inc. Additionally, a trained PA Sexual Assault Counselor conducts all programs.

CVC has a staff of educators who are experts in creating and facilitating programs for any population's particular needs. If there is a topic that you think your school or group needs programming for, email us at or call and ask for an educator. We may be able to tailor a program specifically for your audience.

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