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Board of Directors



The CVC Board of Directors have the overall responsibility for the organization.  The Directors are charged with supervision and oversight, which is the process by which they make decisions, delegate tasks and assure that decisions are implemented in the manner intended.  Directors are also responsible for monitoring the finances of the agency and supporting the work of the agency through fundraising, networking and personal outreach.  The Board of Directors works directly with the Chief Staff Executive who is responsible for the day-to-day management of agency personnel, operations and business.











     Stephanie Morris, Esquire: President                                       Matt Launi: Vice President           














    Dan Saltzman: Treasurer                                                 
Maria Janoski, Esquire: Secretary




            Gina Mazzulla                                       Rob Jefferson, Esquire                                  Patrick Gallo, Esquire      



Carol Rothera                                               Lisa Yackel                                               Cherie Arabia


 David Maurer

John F. Slauch

Marc Ernest

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