Have an audience or group of people who are interested in promoting the mission of CVC? Do you and your friends want to learn about a particular topic? Is your workplace looking for professional development? CVC offers a wide range of programming for adults in our community. If you are trying to make your workplace safer for survivors, increase the ability of your daycare to address bullying, or refresh your existing skills? We have trainings for you!

Respect at Work

Our Respect at Work Curriculum is a holistic program designed by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) to improve workplace climate, addressing behaviors that can contribute to an environment that could lead to sexual harassment. You can learn more about the program here

Stewards of Children

The Stewards of Children program was developed my From Darkness to Light (D2L) to engage the general community in the prevention of child sexual abuse. CVC is the in the process of trying to engage 5% of Chester County's adult population in this program, hoping to have a countywide change in attitudes and completely eradicate this abuse from our community. You can learn more about this Safe and Healthy Communities initiative here.

Parents in the Know

Parents int eh Know is an 8-hour workshop for parents and caregivers of children designed to help promote healthy development and prevent child sexual abuse. he workshop, developed my PCAR, focuses on positive bystander behaviors and how adults can take the lead in making sure that all children are safe. You can learn more about this program here. You can schedule with our Community Outreach Supervisor here

Mandated Reporting

In the state of Pennsylvania, anyone whose employment or volunteering brings them into contact with children is a Mandated Reporter of suspected child abuse. This is an important obligation of anyone who works with children. CVC can help you recognize the signs of abuse, learn how to navigate the reporting process, and make your community safer. To schedule a training or learn more, click here.