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Thank you for placing your trust in CVC. We are a nonprofit organization serving people of all ages throughout Chester County who have been victimized by crime and violence.

We serve your neighbors, your coworkers, and your children's classmates—everyday people that never thought they'd find themselves in a dark situation. If you live in Chester County, or you are a victim of a crime in Chester County, you're eligible for our free services.

We advocate for people affected by sexual assault, child abuse, homicide, stalking/ harassment, and other crimes.  We are there 24/7/365 with two hotlines and through counseling services and victim advocacy. We accompany crime victims to medical exams, court hearings, police interviews, restitution/reimbursement proceedings, and more. 

We are also out in the community at schools, organizations, and large-scale events to educate the public on our services and how to prevent victimization.

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