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CVC is constantly striving to be in the community in new and different ways! Everyday, we do outreach to connect with folks all over Chester County. Are you connected to a group that could use more information? A motivated group of friends who want to get involved? Here are some ways you can help!

Host an Event of Fundraiser

CVC is always looking for events that we can spread the word about our work and mission. Some events that have supported CVC in the past:

  • Community Fairs

  • Panel Discussions

  • DIne and Donates

  • Movie Nights

  • Block Parties

  • Supply Drive

And we're always looking for new ideas! Connect with out Volunteer Coordinator today!

Host a Training or Educational Event

CVC is always working to train and educate Chester County on how we can support survivors and make our communities safer by preventing future violence. Connect with our Director of Prevention and Education to set up an event today!

Already have a community event? Invite CVC to participate. We can send resources, table, and interact with your community to spread the word about all the work our advocates, educators, and counselors do every day! Connect with our Volunteer Coordinator to get a CVC representative to your event, 

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