Emails for Staff that have Administrative Duties:





Ken Hutton

Interim Executive Director 
Currently Open

Development and Public Relations Manager


Brooke Hedderick

Managing Supervisor
Ashley Coyle Direct Services Supervisor

Joe Myers

Community Outreach Coordinator

Charis Fisher VOJO Project Coordinator

Erica Perloff

RASA Project Coordinator

Katie Holton

Compensation Advocate/Special Services Manager

Currently Open Victim Advocate/Restitution Specialist  



Beth Watson

Office Manager





Please Note: The emails listed above are provided for business contacts only. Email addresses should only be used during business hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Using the above listed emails or any CVC email may not result in an immediate response. If you are in need of an immediate response, 24 hours a day, please use the CVC Hotline Numbers listed in the yellow box on the left.