Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders

If you are a victim of domestic violence including sexual violence, you have the right to go to court and file a PFA order which could:
1) Restrain the abuser from further acts of abuse;
2) Order the abuser to leave your household;
3) Prohibit the abuser from entering your home, school, or work;
4) Give you or the other parent temporary custody of or visitation with your child or children;
5) Order the abuser to pay support to you and the minor children if the abuser has a legal duty to do so;
6) Order the abuser to give up any weapons;
7) Order the abuser to stop stalking or harassing you or other persons in your family; and
8) Tell the abuser to pay for your losses from the abuse. 


For more information on obtaining a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order contact one of CVC’s 24-hour hotlines, 610-692-7420 or 610-692-7273, and ask to speak to a CVC Advocate.