Run, run, run.  Run to follow you.  Run to win this

Race.  Race to you, only to lose myself.  Race to see your

smile, or head a Polite word of love.  I'm not running



Run, run, run, from my past.  To a future that doesn't

exist.  To hold a hand that doesn't hold mine.  To give

my heart, while you keep yours, and crush mine!


I don't want to run this race anymore!!!


I have reached the finish line; there is no glory.  I have

lost.  I haven't gained a Victory, but defeat.


Run, run run, a new Race.  I will run to life, away

from you.  You run your race, and I will win Mine.


I'm running to that smile, that hand, that heart...They

are all mine.  So you run your race to your finish

line...Your race not mine.