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Statement of Purpose:

  • To provide a range of supportive services to victims of crime and their families on a 24-hour basis, from immediately after the crime occurs, through medical, police, and court procedures, and for as long as assistance is required to reduce the effects of victimization.
  • To encourage an atmosphere in the community, its agencies and the criminal/ juvenile justice system that is responsive to the needs of victims and their families.
  • To provide awareness and prevention programs to schools, community groups, and institutions in an effort to reduce victimization, increase reporting, and improve cooperation with the criminal/juvenile justice system.
  • To provide educational materials and training to area professionals in order to improve confidence and expertise in their work with victims and their families.

CVC's Direct Services Program strives to support and empower victims of crime and their families through a comprehensive range of services.  CVC's Prevention/Education Program strives to increase awareness of violence and its impact on victims and the community.