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The following is a list, chronicling the events leading to the completion of the Victims’ Memorial of Chester County.

  • On February 28, 2000, Eileen Clark, age 38, was murdered by her husband.
  • In April 2000, the family of Eileen Clark attended CVC’s Annual Candlelight Vigil and Memorial to Remember Victims of Homicide and Law Enforcement Officers Who Have Fallen in the Line of Duty held by The Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc. (CVC). After hearing the 183 names read during the service, including their beloved Eileen, the family decided to act upon their idea that all victims should have some type of permanent memorial to honor those members of the community lost to crime/violence and terrorism - a place of respect and serenity – a place to remember. The vision was born.
  • Following the 2000 Vigil, Eileen’s family came to CVC and discussed the project with Peggy Gusz, asking CVC to help them make their dream a reality. CVC’s Board of Directors approved the joint effort. The family formed a committee and was responsible for solicitation of donations. CVC served as the non-profit funding conduit for the Project.
  • In June 2000, Eileen Wallace’s family, with the support of CVC, petitioned the Downingtown Borough Council to ask for approval and assistance for the Memorial Project.
  • Beginning in June 2000, the Memorial Committee solicited funds from government sources and private donors.
  • In December 2002, State Representative Honorable Curt Schroder presented a check to the Memorial Committee.
  • The family, friends, and coworkers of homicide victims and fallen law enforcement officers were given the opportunity to have their loved one remembered at the Memorial by ordering a customized brick for placement in the walkways. Families of homicide victims were eager to join the project.
  • On April 10, 2003, a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was held, which included federal, state, and local dignitaries and members of the Memorial Committee.
  • Construction of the Memorial was delayed due to geographic and geologic issues regarding the site. Several sites were considered. Throughout the delays, the Committee was hard at work, raising funds and creating the stonework, statuaries, benches and bricks.
  • In March 2004, Downingtown Borough Council approved the final site for the memorial, THE PONDS at Kardon Park, Downingtown, PA.
  • Groundbreaking and construction began immediately.
  • At the April 2005 CVC Candlelight Vigil, the statuary, benches and some of the bricks for the Memorial were displayed. (During the 2005 Vigil, 298 victims’ names were read, an increase of 115 victims since the Memorial Project began.)
  • After five years of effort by the Victims’ Memorial Committee and CVC, along with extensive support from Federal, State, County and Local Legislators, as well as individual donors, the vision became a reality. On August 25, 2005, a picnic was held at the Memorial site to thank all of those people who had donated materials, time and talents to the project. All physical labor for the Memorial was donated.
  • The formal dedication of the Victims’ Memorial of Chester County was held Sunday, October 16, 2005. The ceremony was attended by over 300 people including families of homicide victims, federal, state, and local dignitaries, law enforcement, and criminal justice officials.
  • In November, 2006, Dr. Mario Spoto was awarded The Pennsylvania Governor’s Victim Service Pathfinder Survivor/ Activist Award for his work in leading Chester County’s Victim Memorial Committee.

You can visit the Memorial at Kardon Park on Pennsylvania Avenue in Downingtown, PA. Memorial Bricks are periodically added to the walkways. If you have a connection to Chester County and are interested in obtaining a memorial brick for someone whose life was ended by violence please contact CVC at (610) 692-7420 or download a Memorial Brick Order Form from the link at the bottom of this page.

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