CVC’s Individual and Group Counseling

CVC offers confidential individual and group counseling for victims of crime/violence, their family members and/or significant others. Individual and group counseling is available at the CVC Office located in West Chester, and at sites throughout Chester County. There is no fee for the counseling services offered by CVC. Counseling is provided by professionals with a Master's Degree or above who specialize in the area of abuse and victimization. Individual and group counseling is available during the day, in the evenings, and on weekends.


CVC also offers group counseling for victims, their family members and/or significant others. These groups offer a safe environment for clients to share their experiences. The goals of group participation is to assist clients in gaining insight and support to deal with issues related to victimization and encourage them to begin to take control of their lives. CVC offers sexual assault support groups for teens, adults, parents, and those with dual victimization issues. CVC also offers support group for family members affected by homicide. Additional support groups will be offered as needed.


To obtain more information about current groups being offered, please click here or go to the Events page. To schedule an intake appointment for individual or group counseling, call one of CVC’s 24-hour hotlines, 610-692-7420 or 610-692-7273, and ask to speak to a CVC Advocate.